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Over the last 20+ years I've worked on various Agile teams, some following Scrum, some following Kanban and various flavours inbetween! Along the way I have learnt a lot of good things from some amazing people, seen a lot of bad things happening within teams and organisations and I have tried to capture some of the lessons learnt in my blog. Hopefully you'll find some of my experiences and thoughts useful.

If you've read something you don't agree with, then drop me an email (details can be found in the footer), I'm always up for learning new things or even having a friendly discussion with people that have different views or opinions.


Agile: Agile Posters

Posted on 13-07-2020

I finally got round to creating some posters to give a high-level overview of agile, below are the 2 that I decided worked best out of the designs I came up with.


Scrum: Scrum Posters

Posted 14-07-2020

These posters are based on the information found in the scrum guide around the roles, artifacts, events and values.


Kanban: Kanban Poster

Posted on 14-07-2020

The purpose of this poster is to give a visual high-level overview.


Teams: Teams Posters

Posted on 20-07-2020

Teams are hugely important when trying to build products, especially software based products.


Teams: Collaboration vs Cooperation poster

Posted on 23-07-2020

What's the difference between collaboration vs cooperation?


Agile games: The coin game

Posted on 15-07-2020

The coin game is a great way to help show the benefits of breaking work down into small, valuable chunks.


Agile games: Context switching

Posted on 15-07-2020

The purpose of this game is to highlight the impact that context switching has on individuals.


Agile: Make your own Agile.

Posted on 19-07-2019

Over that last couple of years, I’ve been hearing phrases like ‘Agile doesn’t work’, ‘We tried the Spotify model and it’s not fixed our issues’… sound familiar?


Scrum retrospectives: PACMAN retro

Posted on 05-07-2018

The importance of having time to reflect back on the previous sprint is easy to see for any agile scrum team.


Kanban: Value stream mapping

Posted on 16-07-2020

One of the key principles of Kanban is to ‘start with what you do now’...


Scrum basics: Roles & responsibilities

Posted on 05-07-2018

Roles and responsibilities in scrum are important and it’s good for each team member to understand...


Scrum basics: Scrum events

Posted on 27-02-2017

Scrum has a number of events that help the scrum team remain transparent and allows the team to inspect and adapt at regular intervals.


Scrum basics: Definition of 'Done'

Posted on 04-03-2017

The definition of 'Done' is an important concept for any scrum team in my opinion...


Scrum: Estimations

Posted on 28-03-2019

There’s been a lot of interesting thoughts around estimating in Agile teams that I’ve read and even talked about over the years, it normally comes down to whether estimation should be done or not.


Scrum retrospectives: NERF wars retro

Posted on 05-10-2018

Recently our team invested in some NERF guns to have a bit of fun in the office from time to time...


Scrum retrospectives: Rate our scrum events retro

Posted on 07-07-2019

The importance of having time to reflect back on the previous sprint is easy to see for any agile scrum team...


Scrum retrospectives: Recipe retro

Posted on 04-11-2019

The importance of having time to reflect back on the previous sprint is easy to see for any agile scrum team...


Agile: Be agile, be innovative, be fun!

Posted on 15-05-2018

Working as part of a software development team can be demanding at times, lots of work on the product roadmap and priorities changing from sprint to sprint can lead to frustrations within teams.


Agile: Team health checks

Posted on 08-03-2017

As a scrum team it’s important to want to keep improving how we work together and how we can get better at what we do, with this in mind we recently took a team health check.


Agile: User story mapping

Posted on 10-08-2017

I recently attended a workshop around user story mapping, I had not heard of the concept before and thought the workshop was extremely useful.

Test Automation

WebDriver - using xpaths efficiently to locate webElements

Posted on 12-03-2016

I agree with most people that would say the least efficient way to locate webElements in WebDriver scripts is to use 'xpaths'...


Reading list

Updated on 14-10-2022

Below are some books I've either read or I'm currently reading that I've found helpful when learning about Agile, scrum, coaching...